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My first appearance on television…

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Well, after lots of thinking, and second-guessing it appears I shall be makingĀ  my television debut tonight on Insight, the forum program on SBS hosted by Jenny Brockie.

The producers read my article in the Herald about the burqa and why I think a ban will not resolve the issue and think I may have something to add. Now I am not entirely sure I will be heard above the din but one of my points was that this is an issue which needs to be discussed amongst the Muslim community so I am pleased that SBS is on board with that.

The audience will be mainly Muslim and the guests include Muslim intellectual Tariq Ramadan, writer/comedian Tanveer Ahmed, a young woman who wears a burqa out of ‘choice’ and Cory Bernardi (0f course!).

Let’s hope I don’t get tongue tied! Though I imagine my role is going to be very minor since I am neither for a ban nor against it. Ah, moderacy, you are so inconsequential!



Written by Ruby

September 21, 2010 at 2:39 am

Posted in Islam, Television

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