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Overpopulation. It’s coming.

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A brilliant article in the Guardian by Robert Engelman about the coming 7 billion population milestone. The article briefly the very reasons I have turned to a vegan, and largely local, diet. There are simply to many of us to sustain any other way of living in the long term:

It is precisely because our population is so large and growing so fast that we must care, ever more with each generation, how much we as individuals are out of sync with environmental sustainability. Our diets, our modes of moving, and our urge to keep interior temperatures close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit no matter what is happening outside — none of these make us awful people. It’s just that collectively, these behaviors are moving basic planetary systems into danger zones.

Read the whole thing here. Its fantastic.


Written by Ruby

July 21, 2011 at 3:17 am